Miami Herald: What can we expect from your show?
Air's JB Dunckel: The more we play, the less we are onstage -- we'll be three onstage, and last time we were five. We've worked on new designs for the video screen, and have new lights and new tracks, too.

MH: What are your respective roles when you perform?
JB: Nicolas is more into bass and guitar and vocoder, and I am more into keyboards and singing.

MH: Do you enjoy touring?
JB: There are some magic moments, but it's a lot of waiting and traveling. I enjoy playing onstage, of course, but I must say that sometimes...for example, when you cross Transylvania in a bus and it's snowing outside and you stay 23 hours on the bus without eating anything, it's not fun.

French duo Air are joined by Badly Drawn Boy drummer Alex Thomas on their current North American tour, which kicked off Saturday (3/13) in Miami.

They play Friday, March 19th at Terminal 5 with AM. Tickets are sold out (not totally surprising considering that it's their first US tour in 3 years), but there's always Craigslist.

They're touring in support of their new record, Love 2, and they recently released an iPhone app, Love by AIR (iTunes), which is "five different pages or 'soundscapes,' [that allow you to] transform the musical experience real-time by sampling and processing ambient sounds, your own voice and more into Air's own music. You can also record your own messages or performances with the application, and share your own unique productions of Air's music with friends and more." Their video for the song "So Light Is Her Footfall" and a preview trailer for the tour are is posted below...

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