AJJ have announced a new album, Good Luck Everybody, due January 17 via the band’s own label, AJJ unlimited LTD (and on Specialist Subject Records in Europe). It was produced by the band’s core duo of singer/guitarist Sean Bonnette and bassist Ben Gallaty, and it features some exciting guests, including Kimya Dawson, Thor Harris, Jeff Rosenstock, and Laura Stevenson. Sean says:

Ben Gallaty and I have pieced together an album that is reflective of our times. It’s pessimistic and sad, with small pockets of love and grace. It’s bitter. And funny. And scary, like a scroll through your endless feed. Showing you everything all at once, whether you were prepared to see it or not. I don’t particularly enjoy writing topical, political songs, but I have no control over what I write. We can only hope that this material will be dated next year and AJJ can move on to worthier subjects. I really hate explaining myself, but since I think it’s important I’ll make the theme of this album explicit: Basic human connection is the path to our collective return to sanity. We are very proud of this one and hope you enjoy it.

The first taste of the album is opening track “A Poem,” which very much lives up to the description Sean himself gave of the album. Check it out below. Pre-orders are up here.

AJJ are also playing The Fest in Gainesville this week and two Seattle shows in December.

1. A Poem
2. Normalization Blues
3. Body Terror Song
4. Feedbag
5. No Justice, No Peace, No Hope
6. Mega Guillotine 2020
7. Loudmouth
8. Maggie
9. Psychic Warfare
10. Your Voice, as I Remember It
11. A Big Day for Grimley