UPDATE 2: Clavin sent emails out detailing his plans for accountabilityJeffrey Lewis had a show cut short after being asked to comment on the allegations.

AJJ (fka Andrew Jackson Jihad) and Kimya Dawson are among the artists who have officially split from Plan-It-X Records, after label owner Chris Clavin, also of the band Ghost Mice, was accused of sexual assault. Both AJJ and Kimya have issued statements, along with another Plan-It-X band, Ramshackle Glory.

UPDATE: Waxhatchee, who released a split with Clavin in 2011, also made a statement:

AJJ tweeted the following:

Kimya Dawson posted this to her tumblr:

Years ago I found Chris Clavin’s business practices questionable and asked him to stop selling the Antsy Pants record on Plan-It-X. I have had nothing to do with the label since. I have always found it creepy that he would date fans that were so much younger than him but I always thought his girlfriends were consenting adults and therefore it was none of my business. I didn’t realize there was non-consensual activity and stuff with underage folks. I did play a few shows with Ghost Mice a couple of years ago that were set up by someone else. I didn’t talk to Chris before or after and we barely spoke at the shows. I had been told that he was possibly dangerous but I didn’t have the info that I have gotten today from reading posts and comments about the accusations. I should have just said no. I am sickened by this and I support everyone who has been victimized by him. I’m sorry if you felt hurt because I played those shows. Had I really known about this stuff I would’ve said no. I hope you all find healing. I’m sorry for taking awhile to say anything. I’m super out of the loop these days. Ugh.

Ramshackle Glory posted this to Facebook:

As many folks may already know, Chris Clavin was outed for abuse and sexual assault this week. As a band who has worked with Chris and Plan-It-X Records for years, we stand in firm support of survivors of Chris's abuse and will no longer be working with him or his creative endeavors. We will have more information about how to obtain the repress of “Live the Dream” soon.

This comes as no surprise - this type of violence is rampant, including among people we know and trust. We strive to create scenes that are supportive of survivors and actively hostile toward abuse and oppression. We believe and support survivors of abuse. We are taking this as a reminder to reflect on the toxic dynamics ever-present in our communities, and to remember that we are responsible for holding ourselves and our friends accountable. We hope others are doing the same. Here is a link to some resources compiled by Tucson ABC.

These statements follow accusations of sexual abuse against Clavin, compiled by facebook user Lilly Barrett:

We, a coalition of friends, came together in the wake of accusations made against Chris Clavin. Troubled by their meaning, and confronted with the possibility of further accounts needing to be told, we set out to find more. What follows are the results, listed by reporting person and order of report, and anonymized with letters A-M in the place of their respective names.

Please respect the privacy of the respondents. If an account seems like someone you know, do not compromise their anonymity.

On August 17th, 2017, an individual (A) released a Facebook post which outlined personal
trauma related to the conduct of Chris Clavin (née Johnston).
On August 22nd, the email address clavinrecipts@gmail.com was created. This email address
was shared through various channels, with an open call for information regarding any similar
A number of accounts were gathered through this email address and through other forms of electronic communication.

This document was produced with intentions to:
1. Provide a wider context to the events described in A's initial Facebook post.
2. Offer space for those with similar accounts to have their experiences recognized.
This document is a report. It is not a call to action nor an editorial.


If you are a victim in need of emotional support, please message me directly, we have people standing by. (via)

From the original August 17 accusation, made on a private Facebook account:

He is a very selfish, manipulative person. He only cares about what people can do for him. For as long as I've known him, he's exclusively pursued romantic relationships with girls at least 18 years younger than him. When you try to talk to him about his hurtful and toxic behaviors, he says he will kill himself. He is a liar and a gaslighter. This stuff is all pretty common knowledge among people who have been close to him.
Chris molested me in February or March of 2014, a couple months after I moved to Bloomington and into his house. I confronted him about this six months ago. He said, "I don't remember that but I believe you." I told him I need him to go to therapy (which I had already been begging him to do for years). I don't think that's a lot to ask but he still hasn't gone.

Futher accounts collected in the google document detail alleged molestation, physical violence, inappropriate interactions with underaged people, and unsolicited nude pictures sent by Clavin (warning, some of the accounts are graphic).

Clavin responded with a statement of his own to his facebook, which has since been deleted, along with the Plan-It-X facebook account. It read:

I have been trying very hard to think of what to say in a public post. I have been told what I could and couldn't say. I've been given lots of unsolicited advice. People have threatened me with violence and blindly supported me. It has been very overwhelming and I want everyone to know that I am taking this very seriously.

I'm sorry for all the comments on these posts that have created so much hate. The comments do not speak for me.
I do not want people to defend me.

I don't think I can or should discuss too much in a public post. I don't think it would help me or anyone else. I am very open to talking to anyone that knows me personally. Please send me an email or call me. I will do my best to answer my messages.

I no longer play in any bands. I no longer run a record label or publishing company. I will settle all affairs and orders of course, and pay all outstanding debts and invoices.

The purpose of the original post was to get me to seek therapy. I was in communication with a therapist before going on tour, making plans to start therapy when I got home. This is my plan. I will do that.

I care very much about the person who made the accusation against me. And I want to do everything I can to make things right. Please please please do not send them any negative messages.

If you want to share this post around, you should do it soon. My birthday is tomorrow and I plan to delete my facebook account as a gift to myself.
I am extremely grateful for my time in the DIY punk scene.

Clavin's Ghost Mice bandmate Hannah O'Connor gave a response of her own on facebook:

I do not think social media is the correct place to address all the recent issues surrounding my friend Chris. I believe that through our local community we can talk face to face, we can address accountability, and we can work on a positive outcome for everyone involved including Chris.

I started playing music twenty years ago with Chris. I have known him longer than most people have. We sang songs and spoke about having respect for everything and everyone. I'm trying to continue with this message. We must respect each other, even if our friends make mistakes. True friends do not just walk away from conflict. We need to be there for each other.

Since I have been Chris' friend for a long time, I know that he is being accused of things he has not done. I know there are a lot of false allegations, rumors, and lies spreading very fast about him. I ask you all respectfully, Please stop spreading lies. It is only going to make this situation much worse for everyone involved.

Clavin released a split with Waxahatchee in 2011, and Ghost Mice released a split with TacocaT in 2013. Against Me!'s Crime As Forgiven By was also released by the Plan-It-X label, along with albums from Japanther and more.

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