Very sad news in the indie community: reports are coming in that Miles Seaton of freak folk greats Akron/Family has passed away. Brad Cook broke the news on Instagram, writing:

Damn, Miles. You were such a comet. You crash landed in my life and changed everything. First time I heard your music it changed it all for me. I didnt know you at the time but it changed me. Then we became friends and our friendship changed me. You opened all the doors. You were a handful but you were also the deepest homie in the crew. There was no limit to circumstance in which you would show up for me. You had the tightest bullshit meter and told the truth even when it wasnt comfortable. I still carry around and pass along so many of your words all the time. This is a hard one to process but im just so grateful I had you as a friend and as teacher. I love you forever brother.

Record label Dead Oceans has since confirmed the news:

Simon Henderson, who previously managed Akron/Family, also wrote the following:

I’m heartbroken. RIP to one of the best there ever was.
I managed Akron/Family on their last album cycle. It was frustrating as the band were drifting apart. The love that Miles brought to every conversation though was a treasure that shaped how I deal with the world from that moment on. He was truly one in a million.
Last time I saw him he was passing through New York on the way back from Italy to the US. We arranged to meet for a quick coffee and ended up hanging for 7 hours. It was beautiful and I’d give anything for just one more hang like that with him now. Love you dude. See you on the other side.

Tributes have also come in from Ryley Walker, Chris Baio, Al Riggs, Good Willsmith, and others, which you can see below.

Akron/Family formed in 2002 and went on to release six full-length albums and other various releases, including a collaboration with Michael Gira's band Angels of Light, before going on hiatus in 2013. They were staples of 2000s indie rock, freak folk, and psychedelic pop, and a consistently great band throughout their career. We last caught them at Bowery Ballroom in 2013, just days before releasing their final album Sub Verses.

Rest in peace, Miles.

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