Morrissey has been the subject of much controversy lately for aligning with far-right politics, but apparently some people still have a big problem with his veganism too. As NME points out, 27-year-old Alabama rapper Jake Hill cancelled his show at Houston's White Oak Music Hall on Monday (10/28) because of the venue-wide ban on the sale and consumption of meat in place that day because Morrissey was playing the same venue that night.

He posted a video explaining the cancellation, saying he "didn't know [about the ban] until I ordered my DoorDash, and apparently I'd have to eat it outside like a fucking dog, or walk 500 yards down to a bar, just to eat my fucking food. This is the 20th show we've done, we're fucking tired. I do wanna relax, eat our food, but apparently God is here and he's making it so we can't eat meat. So, I hate to do this but I'm not about to bow down to this guy. Show's been cancelled, I'm sorry." Before ending the video, he added, "Fuck you Morrissey! Bitch!"

Jake then tweeted, "I understand we’ll get a lot of hate for this and lose supporters but I’m not gonna be told what I can and can’t eat at a venue that I just spent 40 days getting to, all because a bigger artist doesn’t like meat. Not sucking dick tonight."

In response to another person on Twitter who called Jake's cancellation "the whiniest shit I've ever heard in my god damn life," Jake said, "You and like 100 other people are missing the point here. This is about being treated like an equal human. I’m not gonna do a show where me and my crew aren’t treated as such. All you shit talkers need to go on tour yourself and see what it’s like."

He also said, "Ok one last thing and I’ll stfu. I don’t care if you’re black, white, gay, trans, religious, not religious, vegetarian, vegan, etc. I love you all the same and will never exclude anyone or force my beliefs on you. OK GNITE." And he told his fans he'd be back in Houston for a free show in 2020.

Here's Jake's video, Chick-fil-A bag included: