Alamo Drafthouse delayed the opening of their Brooklyn theater, but said they'd be opening "soon." That actually turned out to be pretty accurate as Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn (445 Albee Square West, off of Fulton Street about halfway between Borough Hall and BAM) will open on Friday, October 28. The opening slate of first-run films will be Park Chan-wook's new thriller The Handmaiden and weirdo horror movie The Greasy Strangler. Also upcoming: new Marvel film Dr. Strange and acclaimed music documentary We Are X will both start November 4. Tickets are on sale.

In addition to the new stuff, Alamo has lots of specialty programming as well. As fitting the season, first up is the "In the Mood for Gore," an all-35mm Asian Horror series that's in partnership with Subway Cinema. They'll be showing A Day Without Policeman, Intruder, Eternal Evil of Asia, Human Lanterns, Love to Kill, and Seeding of a Ghost. You can watch a trailer for the series below.

There are also Terror Tuesdays, Weird Wednesdays, "bad girls of cinema" series Cherry Bomb, family films, and more.

They've got some cool in-person screening events coming up. They'll be showing Heavenly Creatures on November 4 with costar Melanie Lynskey on hand, and Penelope Spheeris will be in person to present a screening of her 1983 punk rock film Suburbia on November 5. Check out their initial calendar here. Keep in mind they have a strict no talking, no texting policy, as Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and Lin "Hamilton" Manuel point out in a video you can watch below.

The Alamo Drafthouse Downtown Brooklyn also has a standalone bar/restaurant called House of Wax:

Combining mixology with the macabre, House of Wax is Brooklyn’s newest, and most curious, full-service bar. Based on the panoptica touring attractions of the late 1800s, House of Wax exhibits a rare selection of waxwork sculptures featuring life-size, realistic displays of anatomy, pathology, anthropology and even death masks of famous (and infamous) celebrities. A wholly unique spot to meet your friends, House of Wax features a full menu, cocktails, beers and so much to see.

There's a stage at House of Wax, too, so we might see live music in the future.


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