Montana-born, Los Angeles-based artist Alaska Reid has announced a her debut LP, Disenchanter, due July 14 via Luminelle (pre-order). It was co-produced by A.G. Cook, who she's worked with before, and who provides an interesting foil to Alaska's grunge-infused indie country: “I have my road dog arsenal from playing tons of live shows, so most of the songs have at least one guitar with my personal chain in homage to my live set up,” Alaska explained of her process. "We’d then layer combinations of A.G.’s pedals onto the track, and the contrast between them mirrors our respective musical approaches."

Alaska also shared synthy lead single "Back To This," explaining its inspiration: forest service workers on a break during a hike in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness. Alaska says:

It was late summer and they looked happy and dusty. It was like a painted reverie from a classical painting. I fantasize about other people’s lives, other people’s professions, and writing is a way I can approximate what it must be like to be someone else. So this song is about stumbling upon a scene in someone else’s life and wanting to be a part of it, but it’s also about wondering if I ever seemed as cool or as worthy as those smokejumpers did.I also had this idea of looking back at a photo and wondering why, at the time, I did not feel like the version of myself looking back in the photo.

Listen to "Back To This" and check out the artwork and tracklist for Disenchanter below.

Alaska is headed to Austin for SXSW next week; see her schedule below.

Alaska Reid, Disenchanter

Disenchanter Tracklisting
01 French Fries
02 Dogs & Girls
03 She Wonders
04 Leftover
05 Palomino
06 Back To This
07 Arctic Heart
08 Always
09 Seeds
10 Airship

Alaska Reid -- SXSW 2023 Sets
3/15 Paste @ High Noon (6pm)
3/16 Athens In Austin @ Antones (6pm)
3/16 GvB x Luminelle @ Seven Grand + Las Perlas (11pm)
3/17 Winspear x Pond @ Cheer Up Charlies (3:45pm)

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