Swedish psych-doomers Alastor will follow 2018's Slave To The Grave with a new album, Onwards and Downwards, on May 28 via RidingEasy Records (pre-order). "If our last album Slave to the Grave were about death, this record is more about madness," said guitarist Hampus Sandell. “You can look at the whole record as one person’s gradual slip into insanity. An ongoing nightmare without end. It also sums up the state of the world around us as this year has clearly shown.”

We're premiering the video for "Death Cult," which channels all the evil, fuzzed-out Sabbath worship that you'd expect from this band, but revs it up to a punk speed and adds in some pounding "I Wanna Be Your Dog" style piano. The video is appropriately grainy and vintage looking. Check it out below...


01. The Killer In My Skull
02. Dead Things In Jars
03. Death Cult
04. Nightmare Trip
05. Pipsvängen
06. Onwards and Downwards
07. Lost and Never Found