Sound design plays a huge part in the work of David Lynch, including the new season of Twin Peaks where you're more likely to hear the hum of electricity or a low whoosh of nearby machines than Angelo Badalamenti's music. While Lynch himself is credited with Sound Design on the show, much of it is actually made by the show's music and sound supervisor, Dean Hurley. If, while watching Twin Peaks: The Return, you have thought "I wish there was an album of the incidental sounds," well now there is. Sacred Bones has just released
Anthology Resource Vol. 1: △△ which compiles some of Hurley's sounds, and a little mood music too. Some of it would make great sleeping music; some of it might give you nightmares. You can stream the album (which is just a digital release) below.

As you may know, most episodes of Twin Peaks: The Return feature a musical performance by artists playing the town club, the Bang Bang Bar. The just-aired 13th episode's guest was a surprise: Twin Peaks resident James Hurley (actor James Marshall) who sings "Just You and I," a song the character (infamously) sang with Donna Hayward (Laura Flynn Boyle) and Maddy Ferguson (Sheryl Lee) in the original run of the show. His unexpected singing voice remains the same.

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