"I don't know what to do when I'm ripped out of my state," Aldous Harding told the crowd at Webster Hall on Thursday night, deciding move onto the next song on the setlist after she stopped playing when an audience member passed out during "Imagining My Man." You could tell what she meant, it took her a minute to process when the person in question yelled "I'm ok, I just had a root canal!"

As anyone who's seen Aldous Harding live knows, she does enter a state when performing that is charming,formidable and otherworldly. Apart from this brief hiccup, she was in great form on Thursday night. She's on tour for terrific new album Warm Chris and played every song off it, and the crowd at the very packed Webster Hall hung on every word, singing along and woohooing often, mostly at her dance moves. When they weren't woohooing, they were pindrop quiet.

As for the rest of the setlist, we only got three songs from 2019's Designer ("Fixture Picture," "The Barrel," "Treasure") and two from 2017's Party ("Blend," "Imagining My Man"), plus standalone single "Old Peel." Which was fine, though I think the crowd would've stayed to see her play all four of her albums front-to-back. The band, which included H. Hawkline who is also opening on the tour, were great too and all played multiple instruments, including the drummer who busted out a Flugelhorn at one point while still keeping the beat. Aldous switched from seated to standing throughout the night, moving over piano and teasing a bit of "Für Elise" before "Bubbles," which elicited more woohooing. The crowd was in a state, too.

Check out pictures from the whole night by P Squared, along with a few fan-shot videos, below.

SETLIST: Aldous Harding @ Webster Hall 6/9/2022
Tick Tock
Fixture Picture
Warm Chris
Staring at the Henry Moore
Passion Babe
The Barrel
Imagining My Man
Old Peel
Leathery Whip

She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain

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