Alex Cameron and his saxophonist and business partner (and hero of the people) Roy Molloy are currently hosting a live 24-hour "Al Camathon" from their place in the Rockaways. It's streaming live across their various social medias, where they are hoping to sell 1000 copies of their albums over the course of the 24-hour period. Why? Roy explains:

Lot a folks been askin "where are you an Al at", and it's simple: Me an Al Cam are holed up out here at the Rockaways, NY's own paradise by the sea. Beautiful monoliths line the shore and the water leave ya gold slick with the ocean's sweet honey. What a world. A sun kissed wonderland. You know the best thing about beach suburbs? Money. And lots of it. See, me an Ken grew up in a beach town. We know the scam. Folks who don't live out in the burbs gotta make a day out of it. They gotta bundle their family or friends in the car or on mass transit to the seaside and they start spendin money like crazy. Something happens in white people's minds when they see the ocean. They get to feelin wealthy and significant like never before. Like fancy lotto winners or oil tycoons. And they spend money accordingly. Bottled water, corn on the cob. They go nuts. And who reaps the benefits? Local small businesses and the car dealerships they frequent.

But summer's over folks. The days grow short and the streets all windy and flooded. And me and Al Cam need cash. So We're doin what we do best: Goin live, online, and soliciting people for record sales. That's right you guys, it's time for the annual Al Cam-athon. A full 24 hours streaming live on the internet, that's facebook, twitter and instagram, noon to shining noon, starting tomorrow at noon. Our goal is simple: Save the music industry and pad our pantry out by selling 1000 records in 24 hours.

Tune in folks. Frig your stupid boss. It's time to spend time online and money on our records.

Alex adds:

“Why am I doing it? Like, what am I peddling? I'm selling records. Albums. My albums. Forced Witness. Jumping The Shark. I'm gonna sell 1000 copies direct to people online, over the course of 24 hours. It's a wake up call to my fans and to the music industry. Watch these road dogs sell the albums they stand by and live off.

For the duration of the broadcast I'll be taking calls from friends and fans alike. Singing songs, interviewing anyone that will talk to me, and like I said: selling albums. One by one. Via online order links pinned in the comments sections of each live thread.

From time to time I'll be joined by Roy. My dear friend and business partner. He's going to be raising money via a GoFundMe account for the purchase of a second hand sedan. Roy's car fund. Other times I'll be joined by a cast of legendary icons I've befriended through my journeys around the world. They'll call in via telephone, or video feed direct on my Instagram profile. This isn't a joke, or a stunt. I'm legitimately trying to sell 1000 albums in 24 hours.”

Mac Demarco and Kevin Morby have already called in -- you could too. Watch the "Al Camathon" live, below:

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