night four of Hanukkah @ Maxwell's....

Alex Chilton & Yo La Tengo - Dec 7, 2007
Yo La Tengo & Alex Chilton

More photos & video below....

Alex Chilton/Yo La Tengo - Femme Fatale

endless boogie opened for yo la tengo tonight but i thankfully had dinner in tribeca instead. got there to see todd barry and was very amused...he was the funny.

yo la were very good but ive seen them better. highlight? ALEX MOTHERFUCKING CHILTON sitting in on their encore. did a bunch of covers including jeepster, femme fatale, and a bunch of others i cant think of... [Anonymous]

Yo La Tengo & Alex Chilton

Alex Chilton/Yo La Tengo - Till The End of the Day

Yo La Tengo & Alex Chilton

Yo La Tengo - Sugarcube

Yo La Tengo - Cherry Chapstick

Dew Claw opens night five. Redd Kross opens night six. Jim James was the guest on night three.

All photos & videos in this post by Rich Schneider.

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