On June 19 Alex Henry Foster & The Long Shadows released their EP "Lavender Sky," and today they’re releasing a new music video for the song "Lavender Sky" off their debut solo album "Windows in the Sky". The song itself is gorgeous and cinematic and brings to my mind artists like Hammock and Asche & Spencer, with heaping helpings of Mogwai and Explosions in the Sky. The video itself is no less cinematic, having been gorgeously filmed in Iceland and featuring high floating landscape shots that are peppered with grainy (stretched) super 8mm film shots and bit of handheld shaky cam moments. The photography is pristine, and like the music goes from feeling grounded on earth to soaring high above our heads. Alex has more to say about the song below, but first watch here:

Alex says:

"I had the song’s title for quite a while before I started writing the initial lyrics. “Lavender Sky” is my own personal way to describe the absolutely magnificent display of variations in the purple and pink sky I was blessed to witness every single evening while living in Tangier. That sky was somehow reflecting an invitation to release my father by accepting his death and finally being able to mourn him, to make peace with whatever I have experienced in the past and admit to myself that no matter how complex of a lie I could believe, I’d never be able to move on with my life until I finally acknowledged the profound sadness I fed my existence and my loved ones with. That was the lyrical starting point of the song; acceptance.

In retrospect, it may sound like quite a pessimistic song, a bleak way to look at the world, a violent admission of faithlessness… But while honesty doesn’t know cynicism and bitterness, I see “Lavender Sky” as the acceptance of things we don’t know and can’t control, as much as an admittance of our own fear is what makes us who we are and keeps us as human as the sky we keep longing for… From a stranger to another." -Alex

About the video he told Canadian Musician Magazine:

"The reason why I was envisioning Iceland is because it's a land of contrasts where there is kind of a magnitude and emotion that you can feel from the land, the ocean and the mountain so you can contemplate time and define what you wanna make out of it and I think it was representing the album in a very special way."

Alex Henry Foster is also the frontman of Canadian band Your Favorite Enemies who you might have caught on tour with Trail of Dead. Alex more recently toured Europe with Trail of Dead, right before the pandemic hit.

Stay tuned for an upcoming Alex Henry Foster livestream that we'll be co-hosting! Meanwhile, another track:

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