Alex Lahey released her debut LP I Love You Like A Brother in 2017, which eventually became one of our favorite records of that year. Her strong knack for writing anthemic, instantly-memorable hooks, bundled with reflective, witty, anxiety-ridden lyricism, make Alex one of the most compelling (and underrated) indie rock songwriters out there. She recently made two stops in NYC in June opening for Jimmy Eat World, and she returned to the city for a headlining show at Bowery Ballroom on Tuesday (8/8). After opening her set with "Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder," Alex told the crowd how New York City continues to surprise her, saying, "I think this is the first time I've ever smelled weed at any of my shows!"

Alex and her band tore through many highlights from I Love You Like A Brother, such as the sunny "Awkward Exchange," and the sinister "Lotto In Reverse," as well as playing several tracks from her equally-great 2016 debut EP B-Grade University. Over the course of the show, Alex and the band seemed to be enjoying themselves on stage, with Alex wildly flipping her hair back and forth throughout the show, and frequently encouraging the dancing audience to sing along. In addition to playing already-released material, Alex also debuted a new song (which was untitled on the setlist), and its steady rhythm and powerful hook didn't seem out of place with the rest of her repertoire.

Near the end of her set, Alex told the audience that she wanted to do "something special" for NYC, which turned out to be a cover of Avril Lavigne's "Complicated," a song she's brought out a few times on this tour. Alex's version is punchier than the original, and it predictably prompted a very loud sing-along from the crowd. The night ended with Alex and the band playing "I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself," to which the audience bounced around so excitedly one could feel the ground shaking beneath them.

Openers for Alex were the moody indie rockers Pronoun, and the fun, groovy punks Cold Fronts, which both served as fitting introductions to Alex Lahey's driving, yet nuanced, brand of rock. You can view fan-shot photos and videos, along with Alex Lahey's setlist, below.

Setlist - Alex Lahey @ Bowery Ballroom 8/7/18
Love You Like a Brother
Perth Traumatic Stress Disorder
Let's Call It a Day
Awkward Exchange
Wes Anderson
Let's Go Out
I Want U
Ivy League
(untitled new song)
Lotto in Reverse
Complicated (Avril Lavigne cover)
Every Day's the Weekend

You Don't Think You Like People Like Me
I Haven't Been Taking Care of Myself

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