Virginia-born, North Carolina-based singer songwriter Alexa Rose released her twangy, Americana-hued debut album, Medicine for Living, in 2019. She's now returned with a new single that sounds closer to Phoebe Bridgers than Gillian Welch. "Clearwater Park" is a beautiful track, rich with detail and the piercing clarity of Alexa's vocals.

"I wrote this reminiscing about the drive to a childhood friend’s house, feeling the weight of a decade and the nostalgia of endless summers," Alexa writes. "School’s out kids, this one’s for you." She also spoke to Stereogum about the song's origins, saying, "At this point in my life, I’m getting to know the way a decade feels in a conversation. I realized I hadn’t called this friend of mine in a long time, and I was asking myself why. Maybe sometimes we just want to hold on to the golden memory we have of a person – so much that we are afraid to interrupt it with the present. Or maybe we just get busy. But no matter how much time passes, I still have moments when I feel like that kid sitting in the road. And it’s so precious to me that before you ever learn how to drive or understand navigating the world in a concrete sense – you know how to get to your best friend’s house by heart. And you’ll never forget."

Stream "Clearwater Park" below.