Time really does fly. It felt like just yesterday that "emo revival" was a new trend, and now some of the revival's earliest key albums are already celebrating 10th anniversaries. One of those is Some Kind of Cadwallader, the debut album by Philly's Algernon Cadwallader, who -- along with Snowing and 1994! and a handful of other bands -- helped start a wave of emo bands that took after the noodly riffs and charmingly off-key shouts of cult '90s band Cap'n Jazz. Algernon are reissuing that album, along with its 2011 followup Parrot Flies and a new self-titled compilation that will include the band's EPs, b-sides, covers, and unreleased versions of the songs “Serial Killer Status” and “Katie’s Conscious," which were intended to be on a 7" that never came out. The reissues/compilation come out December 14 via Asian Man/Lauren Records, and we've got the premieres of those two previously unreleased songs. They're both cut from the same cloth as Algernon's fan faves, and if you're a fan of the band, you'll instantly dig both of these. Check them out below, alongside the Elvis Costello cover from the comp.

Algernon broke up in 2012 after a tour with Joyce Manor, and members went on to form/play in other bands. Guitarist Joe Reinhart is now in Hop Along, and he and other ex-Algernon members were also in Dogs On Acid (among other projects). Singer Peter Helmis recently spoke to Stereogum, and when they approached the topic of a reunion, he said: "We’ve only not been a band for six years. Let’s give it 10 or wait til we’re 50 or something." So it doesn't sound like it's entirely out of the question. Here's more from that interview:

STEREOGUM: Shortly after Algernon called it quits, there was an explosion of coverage of this scene, and you guys were being mentioned as the Patient Zero of the “emo revival.” What are your memories of this time?

HELMIS: I definitely remember being…not embarrassed of it, but hmmm…I was kinda glad that we weren’t still going then. The “next generation” sort of thing — if we were still a band then, I wouldn’t want to get pigeonholed into that and then feeling we had to cater to that idea or disappointing a bunch of people cause we didn’t want to cater to that idea.

STEREOGUM: How often do you revisit the Algernon albums?

HELMIS: It’s been a while. I do check them out maybe once a year or so, and a lot of times, they’ll come on the Drexel radio station. I’ll be driving around — “Oh, this is cool, I get to see what it sounds like again.” It’s cool because I don’t think about playing that music anymore, but when I hear it, I think, “This is cool, I would listen to this.”

You can read more here. Listen to the two "new" songs and the Elvis Costello cover, see the artwork and tracklist for the compilation, and stream Algernon's first two (and only) albums, below.

Algernon Cadwallader Tracklist
1. Second Rate Machines
2. Breath Wish
3. Look Down
4. Sailor Set Sail
5. Shirt
6. Serial Killer Status (Unreleased Version)
7. Katie's Conscious (Unreleased Version)
8. Spit Fountain
9. Fun
10. Foggy Mountain
11. Black Clouds
12. I Wanna Go To The Beach
13. Responsible Party
14. Simulation
15. This Boy
16. No Action