Following a number of teasers via social media, today, Alice Glass finally shares a brand new song entitled "SUFFER AND SWALLOW," which will appear on her debut solo album due later this year.

The track, ghastly and mesmerizing, features a chorus of shiver-inducing synths that serve as the backdrop for Alice's entrancing vocals, which range from a whisper to a shrill, contorted scream. It's a jagged, distorted taste of this anticipated album.

In addition to the song's release, Lucas David also directed a striking stop-motion animated visual to accompany the track, featuring the haunting doll that dons the single's cover art. It's dark, compelling, and very Alice Glass. Listen to the single and watch the music video below.

"SUFFER AND SWALLOW" follows Glass' recent remix of Pabllo Vittar's "Rajadão," as well as her own single "NIGHTMARES," which was released in 2020.

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