Alison Mosshart of The Kills, Dead Weather, Discount, etc has been focusing on her solo career this year, releasing a trio of solo tracks. Now she's announced a spoken-word album, Sound Wheel, the companion to her book of paintings, photographs, poetry, and short stories, CAR MA. Both are due out on August 7 via Third Man.

A press release describes Sound Wheel as being about "cars, rock n’ roll, and love," and Alison says, "It’s not music but there are songs on it, it’s not spoken word, but I talk a lot." She's shared the first single, the bluesy, spoken-sung, "Returning the Screw." Listen to that and check out album art and tracklist below.

Alison Mosshart_ Car Ma_Sound Wheel


1. Intro - Talk Talk Talk
2. Windows Up
3. Pink Whip
4. Last Pack of Holy Smokes
5. Interlude / Psycho Hwy
6. Salt Lake City Drag
7. Interlude / In or Out
8. Last Pack of Holy Smokes
9. Cables Galore
10. Interlude / The Storm
11. The Distance
12. Interlude / Oh Say Can You See
13. Sonic States of America
14. Interlude / Blah Blah Blah
15. Miami
16. Admit It
17. Angelyne
18. Oh Black Shark
19. S Town
20. Interlude / Chevy Eyes Pepsi Jesus
21. Hold On
22. Interlude / See Ya There
23. Louisiana
24. Around and Around and Around
25. Eliminator
26. Sexy Pontiac
27. Interlude / Horrible Singing Voices
28. Let’s Start a Band
29. Demon Prince
30. She’s a Trip
31. Road Kill
32. Animals
33. Sunday Style

1. High Performance
2. In Between Jobs
3. Returning the Screw
4. High Horses
5. Summertime
6. Interlude / Real Real Real
7. Eastern Standards in the Wild West
8. The Electric Sads
9. Interlude / White Firebird
10. A Dime
11. Little Bottle
12. Mindfield
13. The Daughter of the American Used Car Dealer
14. Vroom Chicka Vroom


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