Last year, All Get Out released their first album since 2011, Nobody Likes A Quitter, which main member Nathan Hussey made with Manchester Orchestra members Andy Hull and Robert McDowell. He has now signed to Equal Vision Records, both with All Get Out and as a solo artist under the name Hussey. Both projects will release new albums on Equal Vision in 2018, and first up is Hussey, who puts out Hitchens on January 12. Nathan produced the album himself, and we're premiering its new single "All Things." Here's what he tells us about it:

"All Things" is the song that really opened up the album for me. I couldn’t find my grip lyrically and needed to find a sense of purpose in the content. I walked in thinking I could make 10 songs all about the life of one person but quickly ran out of room. Instead it became more about the impact of someone not only in my life but in the pseudo-fiction used to represent how we feel about another person. Sometimes a character says it better than you ever could. You can access a range of emotions and predicaments that you’ll rarely or even never be in.

Musically, it's a little slower and quieter than what he does in All Get Out, but his remarkable voice and songwriting style remain untouched. Listen below.


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