All Hell are set to release a new album, The Grave Alchemist, on April 14 via Prosthetic Records (pre-order). We're premiering the new single "Laid To Unrest," along with its video, and this thing is a real crusher. Part sludgy punk, part speed metal, and part gnarly black metal, it defies easy categorization and sounds very natural doing so. If Motorhead and The Stooges ever recorded a song together, and then Bathory covered it, it might sound something like this. Here's what the band tells us about the song and video:

As The Grave Alchemist is essentially an album in two parts, we felt that Side A (Side Solve) needed to end with what felt like an album closer, thus the nature of 'Laid to Unrest.' Conceptually, this song represents the dissolution of the Alchemist; a temporary state of 'death' analogous to the 'dark night of the soul,' linked to the alchemical processes of Putrefactio and Fermentatio. The Alchemist is struck down for his crimes and buried alive as he utters the Words of his Return. . .The video takes cues from German Expressionists, particularly Wiene and Murnau, whose silent works, infused with dark and powerful symbolism, have now haunted viewers for nearly a century.

The Grave Alchemist was recorded by Kris Hilbert (who's worked with The Body, Between the Buried and Me, and others), and mastered by Toxic Holocaust's Joel Grind. Check out the new song below.

All Hell have upcoming shows, including the Shadow Woods Metal Fest this September with Vastum, Uada, Panopticon, Withered, Woe, and more. All dates are listed below.

All Hell -- 2017 Tour Dates
4/27/2017 The Nick – Birmingham, AL w/ New Masters Of Evil
4/28/2017 529 – Atlanta, GA w/ New Masters of Evil
4/29/2017 drkmttrD – Nashville, TN
4/30/2017 TBA – Knoxville, TN
5/04/2017 Slim’s Downtown – Raleigh, NC
5/05/2017 Raw Ink Live – Gaithersburg, MD
5/06/2017 Kung Fu Necktie (early show) – Philadelphia, PA
5/07/2017 Gallery 5 – Richmond, VA
9/14-17/2017 Shadow Woods Metal Fest - White Hall, MD

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