Masked men opened many of the YLT Hanukkah shows this year
Yo La tengo shows
Yo La tengo shows
Yo La tengo shows

Yo La Tengo Hanukkah 2008 @ Maxwell's in Hoboken

  1. Oneida and Paul F. Tompkins opened. Mix disc by Aesop Rock. Special guests = Janet Weiss & Britt Daniel.
  2. The Magnetic Fields opened and John Hodgman opened. Mix disc by Steve Shelley. Special guest = Doug Gillard & Ira's mom.
  3. John Zorn & Marc Ribot and Slovin & Allen opened. Mix disc by Gaylord Fields. Special Guests = Yoni Wolf & Smokey Hormel.
  4. Jennifer O'Connor and Jon Benjamin opened. Mix disc by Russell Maer.
  5. Antietam and Fred Armisen opened. Fred also played drums. Mix disc by Georgia. Special guest = Cyril Jordan.
  6. Lambchop and Jon Wurster (as Marky Ramone) opened. Mix disc by James.
  7. Willie Alexander and the Boom Boom Band and David Cross (as Rabbi Alan Sugarman) opened. Mix disc by Ira. Special guest = David Mansfield.
  8. Metal Mountains and Todd Barry opened. Mix disc by Zooey Deschanel.

That is the list of special guests and openers from this year's 8-night Yo La Tengo Hanukkah concert run at Maxwell's in Hoboken. The eighth night of Chanukah (aka the last show) was December 28th and three nights later The Feelies and Vivian Girls opened for Yo La Tengo at their New Years Eve show at Wellmont Theatre in Montclair (making their grand total nine shows this holiday season).

How was the New Years one? Did anyone go to all nine shows? Other thoughts? Memories? Best night? Anything?

Videos & stuff below...

Happy Hanukkah! (more by Toby Tenenbaum)
Yo La Tengo

James McNew of Yo La Tengo's Top Albims of 2008

Antietam, Opus Mixtum (Carrot Top LP)
Lambchop, OH (Ohio) (Merge LP)
Why?, Alopecia (Anticon LP)
Times New Viking, Rip It Off (Matador LP)
Fucked Up, Year of the Pig (Matador EP)
Madlib, Presents WLIB AM - King Of The Wigflip (Stones Throw LP)
Devin Flynn and Gary Panter, Devin and Gary Go Outside (Picture Box LP)
Anne Bacheley, Headquarters (no label LP)
Eddie Marcon, Kao Ga Iru (Pong Kong EP)
Mudhoney, The Lucky Ones (Sub Pop LP) + "Street Waves" (Sub Pop 7?)

that list via Matador. Three of them were openers and/or guests this year.

Here are some videos....

Feelies & Yo La Tengo New Years Eve 2008 "What Goes On" and "Roadrunner"

Feelies Deep Fascination New Years Eve 2008 Wellmont Theater Montclair NJ

Yo La Tengo- "Autumn Sweater" Live @ Maxwell's 12.24.08


Pictures above via the band's own Hanukkah show diary by Dawn Sutter Madell. Hanukkah t-shirts still available at YLT's site too.