Coming up through the lucrative children's music circuit, Toronto's Feltworth delighted kids all over Canada, but longed to be taken seriously as a real band. Led by Dezi Feltworth (bass, vocals) and his brother Manny (guitar, vocals), the group made a bold decision to leave the cash cow and make music that truly embraced their diverse pop and rock influences.

"Back in the early days of our children's career, my brother Dezi wrote most of the kid's songs," says Manny. "I had been stockpiling some bits and pieces over the years. I wrote a few songs on our last couple of kid's albums, and this track 'Forget This Feeling' had been kicking around unused for a while with original lyrics about going to the zoo. I rewrote it and we thought it would make a good introduction to our new sound." That glammy rocker is one side of a new 7", the first fruit from the new Feltworth. The b-side is a decidedly more adult ballad "You Turn Me On." Says Dezi, "We put our theoretical feet down and we really wanted to draw a line in the sand. 'You Turn Me On' could not have been the Feltworth of the past and we really think it's the Feltworth of the future." Drummer Cozy Balboa does adds, however, it "could have been a song about a stereo back in our children's music days."

Both songs are super-catchy pop, reminiscent of The Beatles or The Sweet, or Canadian bands who like The Beatles and The Sweet. You can listen to both sides below, and we've got the premiere of the colorful "Forget This Feeling" video. "My brother Dezi directed it," Manny tells us. "It took us three days to film the video, and two-and-a-half days were spent blowing up the balloons. We literally blew the budget." Watch the video, plus a few other video adventures, below.

Feltworth's new single is available now on orange vinyl that matches keys player Morris Katzenburd's fur. Only 300 were pressed.


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