by Black Bubblegum


All? Yes, ALL.... of the second incarnation (with Scott Reynolds on vox, the first had Dave Smalley of Dag Nasty) of the classic Descendents offshoot have reunited and will serve as the headliners for this year's Riot Fest in Chicago on Oct 10 - 12.

Scott Reynolds (vocals) Sez:

"Stephen is going to jump a motorcycle over 10 flaming school buses, then save all the children inside them before they burn up! Bill is going to levitate, then disappear, then reappear on Karl's shoulders who will be riding a unicycle on a tightrope made from dental floss suspended 100 ft. above the stage. And I'm going to give one lucky audience member a makeover that will take 10 years off his/her appearance! So we better start practicing!! Everybody should come because it's going to rock sooo hard."

Tickets for All's performance, Oct 12, will go on sale here on Thursday April 24th at 8AM.

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