Brockhampton parted ways with Ameer Vann following allegations of emotional abuse and having sex with a minor. Now Pitchfork has spoken with two women about their alleged experiences with Vann. One of them, Shawna Berry, had not come forward previously, and says she was physically abused during her brief relationship with Vann. She told Pitchfork she consented to intercourse, but not to what she describes as being bitten, choked, restrained, and hit, saying, "my body could not handle what Ameer was putting me through."

The second woman, Rhett Rowan, previously called Vann "emotionally manipulative" and "mentally abusive" on Twitter. She also says she was choked, bitten, held down, and left with bruises from him, telling Pitchfork, "the sex itself was consensual, but not what he’d do, and saying stop was not an option."

Vann has not responded to these most recent allegations, but he denied previous ones, saying, "although my behavior has been selfish, childish, and unkind, I have never criminally harmed anyone or disrespected their boundaries."

Brockhampton cancelled tour dates after kicking Vann out of the group, and leader Kevin Abstract said they'd also push back the release of their album.