Butch Trucks, founding member/drummer of Allman Brothers Band, has died. He was 69 and no cause of death has been given at this time. From Rolling Stone:

Alongside drummer and percussionist Jai "Jaimoe" Johnny Johanson, Trucks helped lay the swinging foundation for southern-rock drumming. Jamoe once asked Duane Allman why he wanted two drummers in the group, according to the Allman Brothers biography One Way Out, and the guitarist referenced Otis Redding and James Brown's dual-drummer bands.

"Jaimoe was a real good drummer, but more of a pocket guy … he wasn't really able to handle the power," Allman Brothers guitarist Dicky Betts said in the book. "We needed Butch, who had that drive and strength, freight train, meat-and-potatoes thing. It set Jaimoe up perfectly." Although Jaimoe left and returned to the group in the Eighties, Trucks provided a constant beat throughout the band's lifespan.

Rest in peace, Butch.