The ChipmunksA couple of days ago I wrote a summary of recent back and forth between Patton Oswalt, David Cross and the public at large. In Patton's final response he explains...

I doubt you remember this, but back in March of 2006 I was in New York, and ran into you at Rififi. I was wearing a suit, and without anyone asking about it or being the least bit interested (unlike you, I am in constant, panick-y worry about what people think of me), I explained, “I just came from the premiere of Failure To Launch.

Miraculously, photographic evidence of this now infamous meeting has been uncovered....

David Cross and Patton Oswalt

THE LATEST: In true fairytale goodness, David's future self has since wrote David's present self a letter to round things out, and cool things off. It can be read in it entirity at David's site. Here's an excerpt...Ratatouille

Just don't sweat the small stuff is what I'm getting at here. Nobody really truly gives a shit about it. You're being more than a little vain if you think they do. And if they really, truly do care and you really truly care that they care, then you can drive down to Best Buy and hash it out with them in person (and don't forget to take a look at their screenplay that's almost finished. It's kind of like "Kill Bill" meets "Kill Bill Vol. 2 but waaaay radder). Also, just so you know, you and Patton will remain good friends. Although when Fox buys Pixar and makes "Alvin and The Chipmunks vs. Ratatouille - The Reckoning" things will get a little hairy for awhile. (No pun intended!!!!)