Amanda Palmer released a great new solo album, There Will Be No Intermission, back in March, but her new single is very different from the rich piano and orchestra songs on it; instead, it's a stripped back ukulele and voice affair, recorded for an important cause.

Amanda writes:

the EVERYBODY KNOWS SOMEBODY album artwork was created - on very short notice - by manuel oliver, artist, activist, and father & best friend of joaquin oliver.

joaquin was murdered during the marjorie stoneman douglas high school shooting in parkland, florida.

100% of the profits from these downloads will go to CHANGETHEREF.ORG, the non-profit started by manuel and patricia oliver after they lost their son. is trying to empower younger kids to get into politics and make REAL CHANGE around gun safety.

i have never felt more honored and emotional collaborating with another artist. i can sing about this and feel all the feelings: but manuel lost his son. i cannot start to imagine how that feels.

making art isn't as direct as voting or calling your congresspeople.
but art can get directly into the emotional heart of the matter.

this song was written in response to the insanity going on in our country. gun violence and the deaths of ordinary people all over america is becoming NORMAL.


let's call it what it is: a public health crisis. too many senseless deaths. too much pointless tragedy that could be avoided with better, safer, smarter gun laws.

i was able to write and record this song FAST because i knew i could release it immediately using funds from my 15,000+ patrons to cover all the studio costs, the cost of my production team, to pay manuel for his artwork, etc.
to my 15,000 patrons: thank you, thank you, thank you for supporting my work.
to everybody else: if you want to support me & my collaborators in making more art like this, join us here, it's a fantastic community of beautiful people:

Listen below.

Amanda also shared a live, sing-a-long video of the song, which you can watch below as well.

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