Amanda Palmer and frequent collaborator Jherek Bischoff have released a cover of Pink Floyd's "Mother," along with a powerful music video. They say: "This song and music video are dedicated to the current administration. You will not build walls in our children’s hearts." The original song was written in 1979 by Trump hater Roger Waters, and it includes lyrics like "Mother, should I build the wall? / Mother, should I run for president?" that sound eerily prophetic 38 years later. The video depicts a scene with children building a wall, and government officials (including one man who is presumably modeled after Trump) watching over them while Jherek Bischoff leads an orchestra and Amanda Palmer sings the words. Eventually, Amanda and a group of men and women invade the scene, saving the children and hypnotizing the adult government officials and putting them to sleep as if they too are children. It gets a little NSFW when Amanda Palmer breastfeeds the "Trump" figure. Watch the video below.

Amanda is also selling a limited edition 7" with the "Mother" cover and an original song, "In Harm's Way." Proceeds go to Because We Carry, a non-profit that helps build "safe environments for ordinary people who have been forced to leave their homes behind."

Amanda has two shows coming up at the moment, a Cambridge show (11/27) this month, and a New Year's Eve show at NYC's Brooklyn Bazaar. The NYC show is billed as "Amanda Palmer and Jason Webley's New Year's Eve Phantasmagoria" and it also features This Way to the Egress and special guests Lacy Rose, Alaina Ferris and Kalan Sherrard. Tickets are on sale. Flyer below.

Amanda Palmer

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