Amanda Shires and Jason Isbell have teamed up for a powerful new duet released in conjunction with International Safe Abortion Day, with all proceeds going to the Yellowhammer Fund, an "abortion fund and reproductive justice organization serving Alabama and the Deep South." Amanda writes:

I’m proud of this song. It wasn’t an easy one to write, but it was worth every tear and all the heartbreak along the way [...] I hope you can listen with an open heart. This song is about unconditionally supporting someone you love. This is a love song. Let’s be there for each other. The proceeds from "The Problem" are going to Yellowhammer Fund in the hopes that women everywhere can someday safely make their own choices.

Special thanks to Jason Isbell for being on my side, joining me and featuring. It takes all of our voices.........

Thanks to these wonderful folks that have had my back on "The Problem" since day 1: So What Management, Thirty Tigers, Dave Cobb, Fiona Prine, Gena Johnson, Lillian Willliams, Pete Lyman, Tara and my mom. And very important -- the incandescent Delaney Royer for her incredible art work.

Laurie Bertram Roberts, executive director of Yellowhammer Fund, added, "'The Problem’ tells a story that’s rarely heard or discussed—especially by southerners—and we are grateful that Amanda is shining a light to keep the conversation going. With the 2020 election looming, we want to continue destigmatizing abortion and we hope that normalizing conversations around it will help folks feel more comfortable seeking the essential health care they need… We at Yellowhammer Fund deeply appreciate that Amanda understands why accessible abortion for all is so essential and we’re beyond thrilled to join her in this venture."

"The Problem" is a gorgeous, melancholic, alt-country song that leaves its impact on first listen. Its message comes through loud and clear, and Amanda has crafted the perfect musical backdrop to match. Watch the lyric video below, and get the track on digital/streaming here.

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