We've been posting some of our favorite live concert videos every weekday since no new shows are happening, and since today is 4/20, we decided to go with a seasonally appropriate collection of psychedelic, weed-friendly, and other 4/20-conducive videos today. Some are trippier than others, but all of them should take you there, whether you're participating in today's festivities or not.

Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg @ the 1994 Soul Train Awards

Since Dr. Dre has finally decided to put The Chronic on streaming services today, we figured why not keep the celebration going with a live video from the Chronic era. Here's Dre and his Chronic collaborator Snoop Dogg on the 1994 Soul Train Awards playing "Nuthin' But A 'G' Thang" from The Chronic and "Who Am I? (What's My Name?)" from Snoop's Dre-produced debut album Doggystyle which came out a year earlier. You can smell the blunt smoke from here. [Andrew Sacher]


Pink Floyd on the BBC - 1967

Last year, Pink Floyd drummer Nick Mason did a tour of early Pink Floyd material and did a fantastic job of replicating how psychedelic Pink Floyd were in the Syd Barrett era (and he has a live album that was due last week but now comes out in September), but still there's nothing like the real thing and this 1967 BBC video has preserved the real thing in very fine form. It's a black-and-white video with a dizzying light show and trippy oil-drop projections, and Floyd look and sound as creepy and psychedelic as possible. (The interview with the BBC host who doesn't get it at all is also pretty hilarious.) [Andrew Sacher]


The Byrds @ Monterey Pop Festival - 1967

Here's another one from the summer of love, and one that's more on the breezy, feel-good side compared to Pink Floyd's paranoid, bad trip. The Byrds had started taking their jangly sound in a more psychedelic direction on 1966's "Eight Miles High," and their psychedelic era peaked at Monterey Pop, where David Crosby gave a speech urging politicians to take LSD and shouting things like "your mother gets high and you don't even know it!" It still feels revolutionary today (Croz still thinks today's politicians could benefit from LSD), and their performances of summer of love staples like "Renaissance Fair," "Have You Seen Her Face," and their "Hey Joe" cover remain about as 4/20-friendly as it gets. [Andrew Sacher]


Primal Scream @ London Astoria, 3/18/2000

Hot off the release of their ambitious, rather punk XTRMNTR, and featuring a lineup of the band that included My Bloody Valentine's Kevin Shields and Mani from The Stone Roses, Primal Scream were at their biggest peak since Screamadelica in 2000 as this London concert, filmed for, British TV, shows. The set is loaded with singles (though not "Loaded," strangely), including "Swastika Eyes," "Movin on Up," "Higher Than the Sun," "If They Move, Kill 'Em," and "Kowalski," plus a set-closing cover of MC5's "Kick out the Jams." [Bill Pearis]


The Brian Jonestown Massacre on 'Rockpalast' 2010

The Brian Jonestown Massacre have have had their ups and downs over the last 30 years -- many of them on display in the documentary DiG! -- but Anton Newcombe righted the ship in the last 10 years or so, leading a pretty stable lineup of the band and cranking out consistently solid albums, too. Here they are in 2010 on German series Rockpalast, with a band that includes mutton-chopped tambourinist Joel Gion and guitarist Matt Hollywood, playing a 80-minute set full of trippy BJM classics like "Servo," "Not If You Were the Last Dandy on Earth," "Oh Lord," and "Anemone." [Bill Pearis]


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