Cities have begun to reopen (NYC is in the early stages of doing so) and some people are finding socially-distant ways to put on concerts, but the world of live entertainment as we know it is still far from back to normal. In addition to watching the many livestreams that happen every day, one thing we've been turning to in these concert-less times is live concert footage, and thankfully there’s YouTube which has an amazing array of live footage from throughout the history of pop music, from clips from concert films, TV performances and other pro-shot footage, to tons of fan-shot video from shows. If you’re looking for a place to start, we’ve been picking some of our favorites. Here are five more:

YG (ft. Pop Smoke & more) @ Rolling Loud LA 2019

YG not only released the new protest song "FTP," he also helped promote a protest in Hollywood, spoke alongside Black Lives Matter at the protest, started "fuck the police" and "fuck Donald Trump" chants, and marched with protesters (and filmed a music video in the process that was released today). So YG has been on the mind a lot lately, which brings us to this great video of him at Rolling Loud LA last year. He did a moving tribute to Nipsey Hussle at the show, he brought a fan on stage to yell "Fuck Donald Trump" (as he did at a few shows last year), and he brought out a handful of guests, including Roddy Ricch and the late Pop Smoke (around the 16:20 mark) who has a new posthumous single out today, and whose live footage is more of a treasure now than ever. [Andrew Sacher]


Fishbone @ Club Citta, Tokyo 2/16/1992

Fishbone created a bouillabaisse of styles, mixing punk, metal, ska and funk into a unique sound all their own. They were also one of the most fun, energetic and talented bands of the '80s and '90s, and still are, especially now that most of the classic lineup seen in this 1992 video are back together. This, however, is Fishbone still on the rise and riding the wave of what was their most ambitious record to date, The Reality of My Surroundings. They kick things off with their cover of Curtis Mayfield's "Freddy's Dead," and don't wait long to drop their classic "Party at Ground Zero," but there's still loads more to come before ending things with the riotous "Bonin' in the Boneyard." [Bill Pearis]


Miracle Legion @ Bowery Ballroom 4/21/2017

Miracle Legion reformed in 2016 after 20 years away for a couple tours that found them sounding great as ever, with Mark Mulcahy's warm vocals sounds somehow even better than during their original run. This was their last NYC show before hanging up their hat and is full of classics, from "Paradise," to "Mr Mingo" and "All for the Best" to their college radio hit "The Backyard." Swoon. [Bill Pearis]


Lizzo @ Stubb's, Austin, TX - 3/15/2017

Lizzo's wildly successful third LP Cuz I Love You was still a couple of years away when she stole the show opening NPR's 2017 SXSW showcase at Stubb's, but her meteoric rise to fame was very much in progress. She's all charisma onstage at Stubb's, leading a celebration of self-love and even delivering a powerhouse cover of ANOHNI's "Drone Bomb Me." [Amanda Hatfield]


David Crosby & Graham Nash on BBC's 'In Concert' series - 9/11/1970

Yesterday came the sad news that David Crosby "may never play guitar again" due to trigger-finger tendonitis, and he also said "I’m not sure I’ve got a next year [to tour]. I’m almost 80 years old. So when you take away my next year, you might have just taken the last one I got." We certainly hope that isn't the case, and we're pulling for Croz, but meanwhile here's a gorgeous BBC 'In Concert' taping he and CSN(Y) bandmate Graham Nash did in 1970. It's a stripped-down performance, mostly with just the duo's acoustic guitars and voices (except when Graham plays piano on opener "Simple Man"), and the two of them sound as hypnotic as ever. [Andrew Sacher]


Check out pictures of Lizzo's 2019 Chicago show at Aragon Ballroom in the gallery below.


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