by Andrew Sacher

American Nightmare at Saint Vitus - 5/17/15 (photo via JC Photo & Media)

Following American Nightmare's set at Asbury Park's Skate & Surf festival on Saturday (pictures here), the hardcore greats announced a last-minute intimate late show for Brooklyn's Saint Vitus on Sunday night (5/17). It sold out very quickly (naturally), and the place was as PACKED as I'd ever seen it. And the fact that it was such a late show on a Sunday didn't stop anyone from making it a totally wild night.

American Nightmare went on some time close to midnight, following an opening set by Brooklyn locals Sick Feeling (ex-Ink & Dagger), and there was hardly a moment of downtime in their 45 minute-ish set. At least half the crowd was just one constantly-moving sea of people, and I don't think more than 20 seconds passed in any song without a stage diver. The band is pure fury -- you certainly wouldn't guess they haven't made a record in 12 years -- and Wes Eisold is a no-bullshit kind of frontman. He never smiles, no jokes in between songs, no preaches, no encouraging the crowd to dance a certain way or sing a certain song. Not that he'd have to -- basically the whole front half of that room was screaming every song back in his face the entire time. And AN were giving that crowd plenty to scream to. "AM/PM," "Crime Scene," "Farewell," "Love American," "Hearts" and plenty more favorites were played in their all-killer set.

UPDATE: unARTig uploaded a video of the full set. Watch that, with their setlist and a few more pics, below...


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There's A Black Hole In The Shadow Of The Pru
I've Shared Your Lips So Now They Sicken Me
Love American
(We Are)
Shoplifting In A Ghost Town
I Saved Latin
Postmark My Compass
Calculation Nation
Protest Song #00
Please Die!
Your Arsonist
Crime Scene

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