Iconic California record store Amoeba Music has been in the news for a couple reasons lately. The first, and most potentially exciting, is that the Berkeley location has officially acquired a license to sell marijuana. That's right--the best record store in the west is also now a pot dispensary. And when election day rolls around, you might not even need a medical license to grab some accompaniments for your music (or film, or merch) purchase. As Amoeba co-owner David Prinz said last year when they were applying for their dispensary license: "Weed can help save music — absolutely."

freaking out a couple weeks ago when it was announced that the building housing the Hollywood location of Amoeba was being sold to a big developer that was planning on replacing it with a luxury tower. But Amoeba immediately
assuaged the fears of the record-buying public by announcing that they were staying put for the duration of their lease and even after that were committed to staying in the area.

So thank god for that. Maybe you'll even be able to buy weed there soon.

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