With these days of Peak TV some worthy shows seem to get lost in the cracks, and one that's definitely worth checking out is At Home with Amy Sedaris which wraps up its first season on TruTV tonight (12/19). The comedian, actress and author created the series with Paul Dinello, who worked with her on the great, twisted series Strangers with Candy, and is a loving parody cooking/hospitality shows. Tonally, it's somewhere between Martha Stewart Living, Paula Deen's shows, Pee-wee's Playhouse and Twin Peaks.

Amy has written two books on crafting and hospitality and clearly, genuinely loves this stuff, but you will never mistake this anarchic, subversive show for a morning show on ABC or Home & Garden. Example: in a fake vintage educational film we learn that crafting mishaps range from "paper cuts to murder" and that poisonous snakes are involved more than you think. Her accountant is a raccoon that lives in her walls, and the show ofter features visits with "The Lady Who Lives in the Woods" (based on obscure '70s PBS series Hodgepodge Lodge). Each week is "a very special episode" with different themes, from "Holidays," "Gift Giving" and "Cooking for One" to "Making Love" and tonight's season finale which is a murder mystery.

Lots of cool people help in front of the camera and behind. The PFFR folks who gave us Wonder Showzen, Delocated, The Heart She Holler and more are executive producers, and  Pavement bassist Mark Ibold, who you may remember was in an episode of Strangers with Candy, works here behind the scenes as the show's food stylist. Guests on the show are a who's who of comedy (and friends of comedy) including her old friend (and Strangers with Candy co-star) Stephen Colbert, Rachel Dratch, Nick Kroll, Justin Theroux, Chris Meloni, Aidy Bryant, Chris Elliot, John Early, Jane Krakowski, Todd Barry, Paul Giamatti, and for tonight's whodunnit, Michael Shannon (who just performed with Yo La Tengo in NYC). But it's really all about Amy, who plays multiple characters on the show, from southern matriarch neighbor Patty Hogg, to a hobo with a foot fetish that lives in her garage, and more.

You can watch a bunch of clips from At Home With Amy Sedaris, plus her amazing appearance on Martha Stewart Live where she competes with Martha to make a cheeseball, below. Previous episodes are available on-demand (and to rent on Amazon).


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