As mentioned, chaotic Wilkes-Barre, PA noise/synth/screamo band An Albatross returned last week with their first new music in 12 years, the two-song Return of the Lazer Viking EP. The band themselves refer to the new songs as “total splatter – futuristic psychedelic soul prog for the new century,” and we agree that’s a pretty perfect way to put it. They’ve now also got a new video for the title track out, and it’s extremely psychedelic. Check it out below. You can also pick up the EP at Bandcamp and proceeds from the track “Mort Bleu” will be donated to Black Lives Matter Philadelphia.

We spoke to the band over email about the music that influenced this comeback EP, and they made us a very eclectic playlist of influences that includes songs by Hawkwind, ZZ Top, The VSS, The Beach Boys, Mr. Bungle, Glenn Branca, Los Crudos, Ween, James Chance, Boredoms, Carcass, The Stooges, George Gershwin, and more. They say:

Our music is as discombobulated as our influences. We splatter music ranging from the mid 1960s up to present day into a processor, and slowly, orchestrations like “Return of the Lazer Viking” emerge. You’ll notice there are a handful of contemporaries that have been chosen, some for noteworthy production, others for exceptional lyrical prowess and delivery. As a band, we’ve always paid homage to pioneering predecessors. We fiendishly listened to MC5’s rendition of Sun Ra on “Kick Out the Jams” in ‘99 and ’00 when we started the group. In the tour van we always had Beach Boys, Blue Cheer, Hawkwind, Devo and Aphrodite’s Child keeping the inspirational energy close while we traversed the globe. This playlist is a bit of a microcosm of our collective tastes and influences as a 21 year-old musical collective. Enjoy!

Listen to the playlist below the new video and EP stream.

Songs That Influenced An Albatross’ New EP

Hawkwind – Urban Guerilla
ZZ Top – Tube Snake Boogie
The VSS – I Cut My Teeth
The Beach Boys – The Elements: Fire
Cro Magnon – Caledonia
The Flying Luttenbachers – Murder Machine Muzak
Ottawa – Houses of Holies
Mr. Bungle – Ma Meeshka Mow Skwoz
Glenn Branca – The Tone Row that Ruled the World
Los Crudos – Asesinos
Ween – The Stallion Pt. 3
James Chance – Contort Yourself
Laibach – Opus Dei
Mahavishnu Orchestra – Birds of Fire
Boredoms – Jet Net
Sleaford Mods – Jobseeker
Goblin – Zombi
Carcass – Unfit for Human Consumption
The Stooges – Funhouse
George Gershwin – Rhapsody In Blue

Last but definitely not least, this killer live video of An Albatross in 2004 was just recently released: