DOWNLOAD: Rafter - Salt (MP3)

Rafter - SAlt

salt - i had this dream - i'm dancing with this girl, see, and i really like her, yeah? but there's this other dude - step off, dude! hey lady, we should jam! yeah, we really should jam. then i feel bad and apologize to them both for being so forward, but really it's the truth. we get cooking at the end, and we're jamming. cooking and jamming. sweet! -Rafter

Remember how Rafter has been making kick-ass songs to match his girlfriend Lizeth's pretty pictures? Well, the above MP3 & picture are a set they created just for BrooklynVegan. Enjoy.

Rafter's new album Sex Death Cassette will be released by Asthmatic Kitty on January 22nd. MP3, art & tracklist below....

DOWNLOAD: Rafter - ZZZPenchant (MP3)

Rafter - Sex Death Cassette

1. zzzpenchant
2. sleazy sleepy
3. adventurers
4. i love you most of all
5. love time now please
6. cuddling raccoons
7. chances
8. slay me
9. breathing room
10. candy sprinkles
11. breeze
12. casualty of BOC
13. thunderclap
14. tropical
15. kindness
16. no one home ever
17. asking
18. casualty of dance music
19. how to and why


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