BrooklynVegan interviewer Christos Mountzouros had the chance to speak with Emily Haines over the phone the other day. Here's a preview of their conversation -- it's especially relevant to the short solo tour Emily kicks off at Joe's Pub in NYC tonight...

Emily HainesBrooklynVegan Christos: Another Joe’s Pub show had to be added and they're both sold out. How exciting is that?

Emily: That’s good! I’ve always wanted to play Joe’s Pub!

BrooklynVegan Christos: Are you really going to be playing blindfolded? Isn’t that hard?

Emily Haha, no I’m not. I did that once and I keep getting asked about it.

BrooklynVegan Christos: Yeah it’s like on their site that you’re going to be playing blindfolded.

Emily Are you serious?

BrooklynVegan Christos: I guess someone got their press screwed up somewhere at some point.

Emily That’s really funny. Yeah that would be hard, I did that a show in San Francisco. But I’m playing with a rhythm section as well.


Stay tuned for part two. Christos' last interview was with Think About Life.

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