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Moss Icon

If you can only see one band at Chaos in Tejas year, bets are that you'll probably try and catch Moss Icon. The semi-reunited emotional post-hardcore heroes (dont say emo!) will play a single show at the annual Austin, Texas festival in conjunction with their recently released discography out now via Temporary Residence Limited. This triple LP (or CD, if you so prefer) features an etching on side F and out now via the label. Stream all of that discography below. and order yours, or try your luck at winning a copy of the test pressing (one of only twelve in existence)! Details on how to win are below.

In honor of Moss Icon's upcoming show and their current discography, I asked member Tonie Joy (also of Universal Order of Armageddon and The Convocation) about the reunion, UOoA, new material (!), and more. Tonie also mentioned that Moss Icon "may play NYC." Let's hope they do. The results of that discussion are below along with details on how you can win that uber-rare test press.


What was the catalyst that sparked the reunion? Was it all related to the discography release?
We don't really consider it a reunion. Most of Moss Icon have been working on new songs occasionally since 2007 or 2008. Before that we played a few shows and "jammed" some in 2001. Even during the very active period from 1987 to 1991 we stopped ("broke up") & started 5 or 6 times. Can an obscure band really "reunite"? Reunions are what pop stars do.
The catalyst?- Timmy asked us to play Chaos in Tejas this year. We said "yes" partly because no one would expect it. The reissues were already in the works, it's all just happening around the same time so us playing live was not really related to the discography release.

Moss Icon

Many cite Moss Icon, Rites of Spring and a select few others as one of the forefathers of emotional hardcore. Where did your inspiration come from in those days outside of punk rock/hardcore?
Our inspiration came from life for the most part, esp. the fucked up aspects of human existence, trying to survive, remain sane and human in an very insane, unjust world. Very little if any inspiration came from punk/ hardcore, except for the DIY way of doing things, the logistics of it, not the sound. We just thought we were a "rock" band.

What have some of the guys been up to in the past few years?
People are just trying to live, some have some kids, are trying to pay the bills and keep heads above water. Jonathan Vance has his first book out called "Tulip Has A Room", he's working on more book related material, looking to get published. Zak teaches drums & has a very drum-centric life.

Moss Icon

You've announced "select live appearances" to be in the works. Outside of Chaos in Tejas, are there any other plans to do other select cities in the US? Baltimore? NYC?
We never actually said that, someone else did...but yes we'd love to. Alex & Zak have very young children so getting away is difficult. We may play NYC, or elsewhere, hopefully soon but time will tell.

According to a recent report, there is "an entire album's worth of new material" that has yet to be laid to tape. What is the current status of this material and what are the plans for it?
If the right individuals come along and can invest the resources into making the proper recording situation possible we'd love to do a new album. Again, time will tell, we are at the mercy of force$$$$ beyond our control, & beyond our means.

Moss Icon

You were also involved in the recent Universal Order of Armageddon reunion (pictures here and here). What is the latest with that band? Is there new material in the works?
I am focused on my main band since '98, The Convocation. We are off of a hiatus now with a full time bassist and looking to tour/ record this year. At least half the folks in UOA are very busy so at this point in time I don't have any idea of what lies ahead with UOA.

We're giving away a test press of the Moss Icon vinyl. What is your favorite vinyl acqusition and why?
I once found a copy of Mtume Umoja Ensemble: Alkebu-Lan - Land of the Blacks on the Strata East label. It's just amazing, totally out there heavy consciousness music, I guess what some would call "free jazz", people should look it up and they'd dig why... plus it was only 50 cents.

Thanks so much to Tonie, TRL, Derek, and Timmy.

For a chance at winning that ultra-rare Moss Icon test press of their 3LP discography: either tweet something that includes both @BVBBG AND "Moss Icon" in the tweet, or send an email to BVCONTESTS@HOTMAIL.COM with the subject line "Moss Icon" Include your first and last name in the email. We'll pick a winner at random and contact them with more details. If you enter by email, it will not be shared with anyone else. Good luck!

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