"Who the f*ck is Lily Allen? I take one week off from the Internet, and three (3!) f*cking bands pop up as the next greatest thing ever. Beirut? Lily Allen? At least I knew I didn't care about Cold War Kids before I left for LA." [Central Village, post-Coachella]


"Beirut is the brainchild of Brooklyn-based musician Zach Condon, but his sound is more Prague than Park Slope. And don't be fooled by his weary voice: Condon is only 19. With assistance from members of A Hawk and a Hacksaw and Neutral Milk Hotel, Beirut's inventive Gulag Orkestar conjures up Old World sights and sounds: Parisian street cafes, Gypsies, silent movies, marching bands, funeral dirges. Created without guitars, Gulag Orkestar instead incorporates an orchestra full of mandolins, ukuleles, violins and glockenspiels." [Kathryn Yu for NPR]

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May 10th 8pm - Knitting Factory, NYC w/ Irving and Group Sounds (TONIGHT)
May 22 8:30pm - Mercury Lounge, NYC w/ Frog Eyes and Sunset Rubdown
June 8 7pm - Joe's pub, NYC w/ The Wiyos
"Expect an east coast summer tour with dates starting in NYC"

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