Anderson. Paak's powerful new song "Lockdown" addresses protests in the age of pandemic, the long history of racism and unjust police killings that fueled them, the terrifying ways police responded to protests, and more:

Sicker than the covid how they did him on the ground
Speaking of the covid is it still goin around?
Oh why don’t you tell me bout the lootin what’s that really all about?
Cause they throw away black lives like paper towels
Plus unemployment rate what? 40 million now
Killed a man in broad day, might never see a trial
We just wana break chains like slaves in the south
Started in the north end but we ended downtown
Riot cops tried to block, now we got a showdown... down

The J.LBS-produced song features a verse by Jay Rock, who also appears in the Dave Meyers-directed video alongside SiR, Dominic Fike, Andra Day, Syd, and more. The single artwork has a photo of Paak holding a sign that says "The people are rising" and it lists the names of Black lives taken by police. View the artwork and watch the video below.

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