Angel Du$t (members of Trapped Under Ice and Turnstile) recently announced a tour with Mannequin Pussy and Pinkshift, and now they've surprise-released a new two-song EP, Bigger House. It follows 2020's Lil House (and the recent Panda Bear and Lunice reworks of "Never Ending Game"), and it finds the band working once again with famed producer Rob Schnapf (Elliott Smith, Joyce Manor), who also helmed Lil House. They also team with LA electronic musician Shlohmo on "Love Is The Greatest."

Angel Du$t had been moving away from hardcore and towards lighter, janglier, poppier sounds ever since their 2019 Roadrunner debut Pretty Buff, but "Love Is The Greatest" and "All The Way Dumb" find them really swinging for the fences more than ever before. They're in Kinks-y baroque pop territory, complete with some pretty ambitious arrangements, and they really know how to make this kind of thing sound fresh.

On streaming services, Bigger House is paired with Lil House and the Panda Bear and Lunice reworks. Listen and watch the Gene Sung-directed video for "Love Is The Greatest" below.

Just a few weeks ago, Turnstile released a new song too.

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