NWOBHM legends Angel Witch -- still led by founding vocalist/guitarist Kevin Heybourne -- made a long-awaited return back in 2012 with As Above, So Below, which was their first album since the 1980s, and now they're set to follow that album with their first in seven years, Angel of Light, on November 1 via Metal Blade (pre-order). The first single is "Don't Turn Your Back," which pretty much sounds like it could've come straight out of the band's classic '80s era, but Heybourne doesn't sound rusty one bit and the modern production helps keep it feeling fresh. Listen below.

1. Don't Turn Your Back
2. Death from Andromeda
3. We Are Damned
4. The Night Is Calling
5. Condemned
6. Window of Despair
7. I Am Infamy
8. Angel of Light

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