by BBG


Swedish doomers Anguish are preparing to release their debut offering via Dark Descent this week. The LP, entitled Through the Archdemon's Head, aligns closely to the blueprint set forth by the godfathers of the genre including fellow countrymen Candlemass but with vocals that approach Tom G Warrior's snarling demonic tone (listen for a few Warrior style grunts along the way as well). Harmonizing leads pave the way through big crunchy riffs on Through the Archdemon's Head, making the LP a must hear for fans of catchy doom metal in the most traditional-sense. Listen to the LP, streaming in in its entirety, for the first time below. Order your copy at Dark Descent.

Anguish also their recent split with Black Oath available directly through the band. Order your copy for 6 Euros + shipping by emailing the band at anguishdoom (at) hotmail (dot) com.