The talented singer/guitarist Ani Cordero is releasing a followup to her 2014 solo debut, Recordar: Latin American Songs of Love & Protest, this week. The new album's called Querido Mundo and it drops on Friday (2/24) via Dear World (pre-order). Here's what Ani has to say about it:

I made this record as a reaction to recent political events. Music is my main form of activism and it’s my hope that these songs will encourage political participation and much needed conversations. I wrote these songs to work in a crowded situation, such as a protest or march, so I started with the rhythms first, and built the arrangements around the rhythmic movement.

This record comes out in a dangerous political climate. In the United States, the government has fallen to the control of men who encourage misogyny, white supremacy, and discrimination. This new leadership threatens to change the legal fabric of the country, and has no reservations about reducing the civil rights of its citizens. Both in the U.S. and abroad there seems to be a rising tide of nationalism and increasing violence against immigrant communities. We cannot live in fear. It’s up to us to speak our minds and defend each other.

While Recordar featured covers of Latin American protest songs of the past, the protest songs on Querido Mundo are all originals. You can stream the entire album below (via NPR).

We're also premiering the video for "Me Tumba" [I'm Devastated], which has English subtitles for the Spanish lyrics, and tackles the racial injustice in America. It's a very moving video (and a very good song, with some nice guitar licks in there), and you can check it out below.

Ani will play a record release show in her hometown of NYC this Sunday (2/26) at Rockwood Music Hall (stage 2). Tickets are available.

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