There is flexing in every genre of music if you know where to look, even black metal. Take Anicon, for instance. The classically Norwegian riff that opens and closes their new song “In Shadow And Amber” may not have much to do the rest of the material that it bookends, but it serves as a warning shot to anyone who would doubt their credentials. The menace displayed in that opening salvo lurks behind the rest of the track, an otherwise stellar piece of melodic black metal.

Given that they’re based in New York City and feature drums from Lev Weinstein, I’m sure that they’ve been pegged with Krallice comparisons for sometime now. The shoe fits, especially once they start playing with the length of their phrases in the bridge (bonus points for some wonderful death metal English in the lyrics here: “Trapped are the helpless/waiting for their demise”) but Anicon are running a different race entirely. The song hits its stride with a beautiful guitar harmony that is more traditionally metal and melodically direct than many of their contemporaries in NYC’s artsy black metal scene.

Placing so much emphasis on such a well-worn trope is just as much of an act of showmanship as the vicious blast beat onslaught that closes out the song. Anicon have demonstrated that the tried-and-true methods will start work like gangbusters when in the hands of capable writers and performers, and Anicon themselves are more than capable.

“In Shadow And Amber” is from the band’s forthcoming album Exegesses, which is set to be released by Gilead Media and Avantgarde in mid-July. Listen to the new song below.

Anicon just played the Acheron this past Friday (6/10) with Immortal Bird, Theories, and False (anyone go?), and they have more dates coming up, including two shows with The Ruins of Beverast. One of those happens in NYC on July 15 at Saint Vitus with Drowned and Luminous Vault also on the bill. Tickets for that show are still available. All dates are listed below.


Anicon -- 2016 Tour Dates
Fri 15 Jul 2016 Saint Vitus Brooklyn, NY, US w/ The Ruins of Beverast
Sat 16 Jul 2016 Smiling Moose Pittsburgh, PA, US w/ The Ruins of Beverast
Sun 17 Jul 2016 Metal Threat Fest 2016 Chicago, IL, US
Mon 18 Jul 2016 The Summit Columbus, OH, US
Fri 12 Aug 2016 Obsidian Olympia, WA, US w/ Bell Witch

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