Anika, the solo project of Berlin-based artists and Exploded View member Annika Henderson, has signed to Sacred Bones in the US (and remains on Invada Records in the UK). She's just released new single "Finger Pies," which is Anika's first solo release in eight years. Like her previous records, "Finger Pies" is dark and dubby with a strong komische influence and a stark industrial sound.

The video for "Finger Pies" was co-directed by Anika with Sven Gutjahr who lived in the same Berlin building in 2017 but never met till later. “A song that never had a name, like an artist that never had a face," says Anika. "Caught between roles, a jack of all trades, she slips between your fingers like a moment that never was, or was it? So many faces tailored to a myriad of occasions. Walls built between ourselves and the outside world. For protection. Passes grant access to another level. So where are you at? Those with all the keys, please remember, access comes with responsibility. Yet responsibility has been lost, like tissue paper in the rain, a battle without rules, to save face, exploit weakness, to save getting slayed, by the faceless generation. Welcome to the world of ‘Finger Pies.’”

Watch the "Finger Pies" video below and stay tuned for more new music from Anika.


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