Animal Collective
Animal Collective
Animal Collective

Opening act was pure crap. (crying baby sample for like 10 minutes?? izawack!)

AC was sick!

Crowd was lively.

Smoking was quasi allowed...and appreciated.

Great show overall! [Big Perm]

Based on seeing them a few times before, I've always been on the side of "Animal Collective sucks live". After giving them another chance at Bowery Ballroom last night (1/21), I am now officially a convert. Animal Collective DID NOT suck live, as Big Perm agreed with (above), and as Nick expressed about the show they played at Grand Ballroom farther uptown one night earlier.

I agree with my friend who said they could have played longer, and with my friend who said they could have played more energetic songs in the encore because the crowd was ready and full of energy, but I also have no complaints and the encore may have been my favorite part. The harmonizing during the reworked version of Winter's Love which went right into the show-closing Panda Bear track Comfy in Nautica, all being performed loud over the great Bowery sound system was just so good. Full setlist below...

Animal Collective

Bowery setlist: (via)

Also Frightened
My Girls
Blue Sky (new song)
Leaf House
Summertime Clothes
Guys Eyes
Lion in a Coma
Winter's Love
Comfy in Nautica

Tour dates HERE. Grand Ballroom pics HERE.

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