Avey Tare and Panda Bear's duo version of Animal Collective are on tour now playing 2004's Sung Tongs in full, and last night (7/19), they did their first of two shows at NYC's Town Hall. Like they did at their first Sung Tongs show at Queens' Knockdown Center last year, they mostly played the album with acoustic guitars and floor tom, with a simple stage backdrop behind them, staying away from the keyboards and elaborate stage setup that a typical Animal Collective show has these days. They also stretched out the songs, as they've been known to do, and it made for a pretty hypnotic, psychedelic show. After doing the album, they stuck around for a three-song encore. Check out pictures of the show -- including of cult artist Laraaji's opening set -- in the gallery above, and a video below.

Animal Collective and Laraaji do it again tonight (7/20), and since we last spoke, a few more seats opened back up (tickets). Next month, Animal Collective (minus Panda Bear) will release a new album, Tangerine Reef.


photos by P Squared

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