Animal Collective's Avey Tare has announced the Conference of Birds / Birds in Disguise EP, which includes studio recordings of songs he debuted live during his tours for 2017's Eucalyptus and this year’s Cows on Hourglass Pond. The EP is split into two distinct parts, and the three songs from the Conference of Birds part are streaming now in one psychedelic video made by Natalia Stuyk. They're all of the atmospheric, ethereal variety, and the whole thing is cool, psychedelic stuff. The EP comes out December 5 via Domino, the same night Avey begins a two-night stand in NYC.

1. Midnight Special
2. Red Light Water Show
3. Disc One
4. Enjoy the Change
5. Uncle Donut

Avey Tare -- 2019 Tour Dates
12/5 Public Records Brooklyn, NY
12/6 Public Records Brooklyn, NY