by Black Bubblegum

AxCx 2008: Morse, Putnam, Mahan

"Metal acts that perform songs loaded with hateful, racist, and misogynistic lyrics are fodder for what-are-your-kids-listening-to? TV specials. But some bands manage to transcend scrutiny, or at least ignore it, by using hate lyrics as a form of parody." [Washington City Paper]

A man known to spark alot of controversy will be in NYC this weekend. Get to know Seth Putnam:

About me: Im in the band Anal Cunt [commonly abbreviated AxCx]. I've also been in other bands like Adolf Satan, Sirhan Sirhan, Cunt Saw and Impaled Northern Moonforest. Most of the bands im in are Joke bands and arent all that serious. I recently had a seizure and was comatose for like 2 months. So now im in a Nursing home with a bunch of old fucks....

Who I'd like to meet: Chris Barnes and Jamie Jasta so I can beat the living shit out of both of their little pussy asses.

Seth and the "all-star lineup" of AxCx (Tim Morse on drums, Josh Martin on guitar) will be in NYC hosting a family event on Saturday, May 9th at Europa with porno-grinders Anal Blast and the dildo-wielding pervs of Shat. Tickets are on sale. The concluding tour will serve as a primer for AxCx's new album, Wearing Out Our Welcome, which the boys will record following their May 11th date in Providence, RI @ Club Hell.

Seth Putnam recently dropped a collection of demos entitled Old Stuff Part 3 via his own Wicked Sick Records imprint. In addition, the reunited and current lineup recently released 110 Songs. Putnam offered some insight into the reunion:

This was recorded by the original... lineup of Seth Putnam (vocals), Mike Mahan (guitar), and Tim Morse (drums) on November 17th,2008. This cd sounds the way blurcore was supposed to sound, a complete fucking mess [and]... has Anal Cunt's signature, blur, shit, garbage, catastrophe, total mess sound, which is also tight as fuck. 2008 was Anal Cunt's 20th anniversary, so I, (Seth Putnam) decided to give the original lineup a chance again, since i had talked to Tim Morse for the first time in about 8 years the year before, and we decided to put away our past differences and become friends again.

NSFW videos, and all AxCx dates are below...

Anal Blast Live 2008

Shat - "Crabs" LIVE at Maxwell's 4/24/09

AxCx - 2009 TOUR DATES
May 9 2009 Europa Brooklyn, NY
May 11 2009 Club Hell, Providence, RI
Jun 6 2009 valentines albany, New York
Aug 1 2009 central illinois metal fest somewhere in illinois